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The car doesn't miss all the time just when you're taking a hill or you have to gun it on the interstate thats when the check engine light comes on then when you start the car again the light has cut off and the car does fine
Its like the gear cannot shift to 4 and the Hold light will be flashing
We were in a funeral procession & when the car started the high beam came on, & wouldn't go off for a few minutes . What caused this & is it ok or is it on recall? Tried turning it off by changing in between high low beam .
how do i fix my gas door latch it broke and wont shut and is always open how do you fix it
Oil is leaking by the oil pressure sensor and I thought this pressure can fail by electrical failure. Thaksyou
Now and again when I apply break, I get a grinding feeling from the brake pedal and hear a grinding noise. I have replaced the brake pads and got new tires and rims. Every now and again the ABS light on the dashboard comes up. Does anyone know what may be the cause of this?
Air bag light has been on for awhile, I have read that sometimes the wires under the seat being bumped can cause them to come on, I just want to see if there any simple things I can do to try and fix it before I go and pay a lot of money to get checked out at the dealer. I have a vehicle inspection coming up and don't want to waste a lot of money if its a simple fix. Thanks!
When I use the key fob to engage power locks, the door will lock and unlock several times over. The security system will become armed but the doors will unlock several minutes later. The emergency flashers blink at this time. When you attempt to disarm the security system the locks just pop up and down. I once had to drive for several minutes with it sounding off. Currently I must manually lock all passenger doors, remove the power door fuse and use the key to manually lock the driver door. This is the only way to secure the vehicle. When I get back into the car I must replace the fuse or I won't have power windows and once I park I can't remove the key from the ignition without this fuse in.
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