2007 Chevrolet Aveo Questions

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Have checked fuel pump and fuel relay. It gets fuel up to the intake manifold suspect injectors arent injecting. Almost fires and sort of runs when you use quick start in air filter.

The trunk of my 2007 Chevrolet Aveo dont stay open on its own.

My airbag light popped on a year or so ago, and has ever since remained on. I just want to know if this is an issue I should be worried about.

I'm about to do an oil change, and curious how much I need to add.

It makes a foul squeaking noise when I'm stopping.

How do I fix this

While driving my car it has constant vibration in steering wheel. Hit about 45 it gets worse, 60 a little wiser, 80 smooths out some. I hardly ever go 80. I drive the 45 - 65 range & it seems to beat me to death. I have bad discs in my neck & back and after about an hour's drive I hurt so bad I can't stand it. Any help appreciated.

I have a 2011 Chevy aveo 62000miles on it the dashboard clock,the radio,the electrical outlets, and now the right headlight stopped working? The batterie is new and I checked the alternator it's fine and somethimes the whole car just dies something is draining and burning all the electrical things in the car what could it be I took it to a mechanic and they couldn't find anything wrong with it

My car does not exhilarating much and makes a jerky putt putt sound. I replaced the spark plugs and leads now goes a little faster, but still does not exhilarate as it should and still makes the makes a jerky putt putt sound. I have a stick shift car and need to put it in 1st gear to go up a hill.