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Car won't idle
engine light on, erattic running goes to,idle,somrtimes dies,restarts runs fine for awail,then acts up;finally it died and wont start.hold light also flashing .able to reset by restarting..sometimes...MAP senser code on and then unvarified infrmation not burning oil or trans but water coming out pipe at times,head gasket good.has spit out many codes..
Chevrolet 2006 car , why does the rpm increase? How can it be repaired?
The a/c was blowing out semi cool air so I charged it but over charged it, I heard a popping sound and the freon came out, now there's no cold air must have blew the system. how do I fix the leak.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? a/c doesn't put out cold air
My 2006 Chevy Aveo the top of the roof the clear coat has almost pealed all the way off. Now my paint is coming off. I think Chevy should be liable in fixing my car.
After driving about 50 km it picks up just a little bit from zero. But if i stop and let it idle it picks up normal to almost at the middle. What could the problem be?
It has spark, good compression. 110 to 120. It still wont start. I tried stared fluid still wont start. what next???
the engine is misfiring.
low power.
One dirty spark plug.
working three cylinders.
When its real cold just started this week never had this issue
it has been fine until a few day,s ago when I started it it sounded like a loose oe stuck lifter starts and run,s fine just has valve rttle
Hello! I have a 2006 Chevrolet Optra and I'm looking to buy winter tires from a girl who has them on her 2004 Chevrolet Optra, and I am wondering if they will fit on my car. After some research, the sizes are:

My 2006 Optra:
Tires: 195/55R15
Rims 6.5Jx15 ET40
PCD 4x114.3

Her 2004 Optra:
Tires: 185/65R14
Rims 6Jx14 ET40
PCD 4x114.3

Thank you!
I am having problems on this car thought it was a fuel issue and it is not. was wondering if there was a way to test the coil packs for resistance to see if that is the problem before I start throwing money at it and not be fixed
it sounds tinny, only happens under accelleration
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