2005 Chevrolet Aveo Questions

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The owner hit a deer and it just dinted the hood and broke a headlight she drove it home and it will not start back everything seems to be working except the gages and the radio will not power on, it cranks fine what could cause this?
It takes 5 or 6 tries before it starts and when it does it bucks and the day time running light slowly dim on, engine makes a ticking noise and sounds like it's losing power. When driving it seems fine bucking goes away and ticking noise goes away but when go to start it the next day I get the same problems. Engine light is on. I have changed the fuel pump, intake hose, battery, spark plugs and gas cap. Don't know what is wrong with it.
Engine light and hold light flash and car chugs
what would cause the light not to light up? fuse is good. Dash light work.
The car stalled on highway trans shift to lower gear, motor stopped, turns over but will not start
I know there was a recall on the 08 chevy aveos i need to know if the 05 has a recall
that sums it up
i just replaced my EGR valve and spark plugs it was running great but now is acting like it's starting to bog again. I need to find out what the drive cycle is.
THe check oil light flashed intermittently, I checked oil & added some, Drove car about 5 miles and same thing happened. Drove car home and car won't start. Good spark and engine turns over, timing belt seems ok but car won't run HELP
i need to wiring diagram to find a line that shuts off with the car and with a certain amps on the line
no speedometer,gas gauge,rpm,and temp gauge not working...blinkers and turns work....can u give me diagnosis
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