2005 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Questions

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I was in traffic yesterday with a 20 foot camper attached and truck was running odd. Engine light on. Started smoking under hood then wouldn't go into reverse. I opened coolant fluid slow and it exploded. Added coolant and oil. Drove for a mile ok. Tried to start again, drove for a mile and wouldn't any more. Put new battery in today still won't go into gear unless I let it cool down then let's me drive for a mile or two if I can glide and not stop. Replaced transmission to brand new one 2 years ago.
low oil pressure warning with rattle in lifters
culd it be a sensor if so where is it located on a 1500 avalanche
My heated seat on my Avalanche comes on all by itself. It also turns itself up and down, as though possesed. The switch is on the driver door. My ass gets pretty hot in the summer months. I've had to unplug the connection under the seat. Any ideas what could be wrong?
When it rains or is high humidity my 4WD selector buttons/lights default to 4WD Low and won't change so I can't drive it to work or long distances. Can it be made to stay in 2WD all the time by deactivating it on the 4WD transfer case. It's liike there's a short somewhere in the actuator. I've only needed the 4WD twice in 10yrs.
stops smoking when warmed up. no check engine light.
Notice of "check Gas cap" came up dashboard Tuesday. Gas cap was tight. Repair shop Cleared code - light went out. On Wednesday check Eng light came on. Replaced Gas cap. Repair shop Cleared code again- light went out. On the way home light came back on again. Diagnostic meter says "Emission Sensor Valve" Both times -->i believe was the Code name when they told me to tighten and/or change the Gas Cap which neither worked. Any suggestions?? What & where is the Emission Sensor Valve??
the battery is new and the connection are tight. When i turn the key it makes no sound at all. the lights are bright and the accessories work fine.
Somehow it came loose and dropped down into the dash and I cannot get to it to "pop" it back into place.
I'm trying to take the plastic skin off back bumper. I,m done except for where you unlock the spare tire, thats the only thing still holding the skin on. Does anyone know how that disassembles?
the rear end in my Avalanche has a whirring sound notice it gets quite taking curves when the pressure is on the rear driver side, the noise is louder as you take a curve to the left with pressure on the passenger wheel. I've had the inner axle bearings replced, and heard GM had a problen with the interim shaft....any sugesstions?
white smoke coming out of the exhaust and rattle when acceleration
My oil pressure is running higher than before (40-45)and it fluxuates as the vehicle speed does. Oil Sensor or Oil Pump?
what does "check engine oil life 95%" mean
I dont what "check engine oil life 95%" means? it happen where my miles would nomally show.
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