2005 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Questions

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No cold air when idling
Window on left side and all seat functions not working
Did not working
yaw sensor and wheel hubs replaced, this happens at all speeds. service stability comes up in window
air cond.blow blows hot.scold @then blowshot.cut swtch off @ back on then it returns cold imm.
Falls when I hit a small bump or won't close at all.
After po440 code, replaced tank pressure sensor and all seems ok but several miles later the evap monitor sensor wont clear and reads inc? Thank you in advance.
It has been difficult to switch between 4 low 4 high or 2 wheel drive for about a year. It would do it but it took many attempts before it finally clicked. Now its in 4 lo and when you hit the button you hear clicking then it just stops and stays in 4 low. I don't have any codes or problems showing.
I can pull out in 2wd but want stay its like it goes to neutral but the button says its steal in 2wd so I have to run it 4wd
what is the fix
I recently had a long block put in my vehicle. Now the oil gauge needle stays in the lower right region of the gauge. It appears to be responding to pressure, I see it move some as I accelerate/decelerate. The dealer is saying I need to replace my instrument cluster.
a/c works, no heat. only blows air thru the main vents
Only when cranking... Sometimes it will turn over when cranking and sometimes I have to repeat.
Then radio makes a screeching/ bump sound even when off & attempting to crank.
Then it got to where I was having to crank 2 times n order to start vehicle.
Replaced battery Wednesday and Friday, it happened all again. Took to Advance Auto for diagnostic test and it shows battery and alternator are fine.
Can you please advise me as to what I need to do?
It happens all the time I cannot drive it except to move it , I used a cen-tec canobdll but no codes came on this cheapo diagnostic
Check engine light on, i'm told its almost always gas cap, by friends and by guy who hooked it to computer. Have replaced gas cap twice, light still on. Some tell me the light HAS to be reset manually. Some tell me you are not supposed reset manually, can even be fined for that. Would like definitive answer about light before I go any further with expensive, possibly unnecessary repairs under the hood. Code was P0455. THX
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