2003 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Questions

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no power to passenger front door power window, power mirror ,power lock, and interior light not working
parking brake light stays on after release of brake pedal and driven, the chiming was non stop. don't see any leaks of fluid and brakes still feel normal been like this for only a couple of days
Last week my key wouldn't unlock the door. I got in and started it and drove but the A/C wasn't working, windws were powerless. Went to auto zone popped the hood release and the thing started working fine. The analysis was low voltage to one O2 sensor. Two days later it did the start and immediate stall. Put gas treatment in suspecting water because of recent heavy rain. Kept trying with the help of aux power from a good samaritan and after trying ten more minutes it started right up and was fine to drive 30 miles home. Drove on several other trips with good performance and now it stated start/stall. dome lights don't work, now power inside. Map lights work. Removed fuel pump relay/fuse but didn't seem to help. Any answers except the obvious fuel pump.
handheld scanner said multiple cyl.misfire,coilpacks on right side would stall running vehicle if disconnected,left side had no change and would not stall vehicle after disconnecting coil packs.
abs and brake lights come on whenever im going over a small bump or pot hole it also says to service brake system when i already serviced the brakes... my speedometer isnt working also..i dont know what it could be please help.......
when you turn off the vehicle the heater blower stays on
When I bought my car from the dealer used, the knock sensor light came on, and dealer told me that they reset it, and that if it comes on again, they would pay for a new sensor.

What if it's not the sensor, but an actual knock in the engine? Would I hear it? Is there major problems associated with this engine message?

Thank you,

Chris Kennedy
Driver info center (dash board)is telling me the "left rear door ajar" when it's not. Fuses are good. The door switch is inside the door and can not be seen. What do I do?
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