2003 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Questions

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My transmission was working fine n them all of the sudden it's stuck in second gear
Rear end changed to posi traction . It is now locking up back end .t is not safe to drive. It was a used rear end system for a truck. I'm afraid it will blow again what does it cost to replace rear-end 4x4 2003 avalanche.? Should I take back to mancanic that put it in? Carolynsperryrn
go over bumps lose engine power and service brake system appears
What seems to make the problem better or worse? going over bumps
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
Wean I'm trying to purchase some things for the truck, it asks wat trim is it, North face, on road, wbh crew cab,base crew cab,? Please help
my interior lights will not come on. I checked the bulbs and they are ok. the front door lights work but the not the rear.
ai already had the rear rotors and brakes replaced but that didn't stop the noise
There is not really anything else to tell. Going by the owners manual , further damage may result if the remain on all of the time.
Cam sensor spark plugs wires coil crank sensor have all been changed. Just replaced the cats. And the p0306 is still coming up, what else could it be.?
recently the check engine light came on in my truck. The codes I scanned were p0740, p0758, p0785, p1860. Before I do it, I wanted to verify. This is where I'm getting confused. I checked the voltage at fuse "ign 0" key on, engine off and I get 12 volts. I pulled the trans pan (needed an oil and filter change anyway) and checked the solenoids. 19.5 ohms on 1-2 and 2-3 solenoids. I then pulled the plug and checked for voltage at the solenoids and have 12 volts. So, I'm at a loss. Do I change the switch hoping this is the cure and these trucks have issues with this. Or do I look further. I didn't get code po753. That's what's throwing me.
Started and drove fine in the morning - no indication of weak battery - two hours later, completely dead - nothing electrical works - battery still seems charged. Any suggestions?
Makes a terrible noise from front end when in 4wd
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