2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Questions

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fan speed increases and it blows cold

It's not turning the pump on.

I have no 4 wheel drive and no light on switch on dash

Even when it's full what do I need to do what's the problem when I hit a bump it drops down to empty then if I hit another bump it goes back up to three-quarters full and then sometimes it just stays on take her to school for a long time or empty for a long time

Used 4wd low on rather steep, slick driveway and after back on level ground, stuck in 4wd low. No light indicated on panel and service light came on until I reset with battery cable. Still stuck in 4wd low, buttons useless!

What would cause the wiring for the cigarette lighter - to get hot melt catch fire now ive got no speedometer. Fuel gage dont work, the tachometer dont work the dash put off

I don't know the temp and my fuel is out too whats my problem

What can it be

My parking brake cable broke this past winter and hasn't been fixed. I haven't had any problems with the light or beeping before today. This morning my electrical system restarted and now my parking brake light is on. It flashes and beeps when I drive now.

We go to start vehicle it acts like it's going to start but doesn't turn it over again and absolutely nothing no sound like it's trying to turn over nothing but full electricity inside lights radio you name it. We have had a new starter put in a new ignition switch fuel pump tested no not the problem. What could it be?

Water getting in the cab after a hard rain

I was told that the instrument cluster needs to be replaced. Is this an expensive repair or is it something I can do myself without being in a garage?

I have the "service 4wh. light" also. intermittent at first. tried messing with the selector sw. and then read it out with a meter. not the problem. then i got code "U1026=Loss of communication with auto transfer case controller" but the relay, once it starts chattering, won't stop until the battery dies or until i pull the 4wh. dri. fuse and the ATC fuse (could have been BTSI fuse (been awhile) before the relay would stop chattering and the shift motor (i assume) trying to engage. The battery has been out of the truck for awhile. ps, i'm not sure how many mies are on it

and P 1517 TAC Module Processor located in the engine