2008 Chevrolet Avalanche Questions

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tell me how to replace a cabin filter?
it just happen yesterday
unlocking. What causes this?
possible CAM sensor issue
The code according to the Tech's at auto zone said I needed to replace the o2 sensor, bank 1 sensor 1. I have done this 2 times and they cannot clear the code. My truck is still getting terrible gas mileage and doesn't seem to have the same power it had before this problem. I also changed the spark plugs on bank 1. What is going on what am I missing?
Sensor? And where is It located.
I am an attorney and considering filing suit against GMC. Anyone with similar problems that wants to discuss feel free to contact me.
First of l have a 2008 chevrolet captiva but not listed.
The traction and non traction lights are both on at same time on dashboard therefore disengaging traction.
We had a new axle fitted,new handbrake cable and rear brake pads recently - is this connected?
Any ideas how to fix?
Garage talking about a new pump - what is this and why?

Troubles with them anytime the weather is cold or sanding gravel on the road. Very little issues with the right side.
Left side will get stuck in the down position & try to lift up multiple times unless I deactivate them with the button in the cab.
Any thoughts??? silicone spray??? WD40??? dismantle???
have put in a new alternator, and still my truck will
lose power and the amp gage will go down, than it will pick up on gage. amp gage goes up an down.
door locks don't work and dash around windshild is cracked
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