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mileage miles or trip miles does not show up on dash panel everything else lights up
My door locks operate erratically on thier own when I'm driving. They seem to get really active when I accelerate quickly. I replaced the BCM but that only cured other problems, like the dash cluster going dead and coming back on, the theft deterrent light coming on and beeping this sickly beep, then going off, and the automatic head light now comes on when I start up. I just noticed that the pass. side lock actuator must be going bad because the remote doesn't cause it to lock or unlock that door. I'm going to replace it, but I don't think it will solve the gremlin havin a party with the power locks.
I've noticed the clutch stops running during the time when the system is still on and blowing (even though the blower high setting is dead). The next day it's deja vue. It blows cold until the system has been on for a while, then the clutch stops running and blows hot until the next day.
I just replaced the head control panel,no change.
turn signal and flashers do not work
just had front and rear brakes done everything seems to be working but cant get lights on dash to go out are these sensor problems?
i just replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and air filter on my 2004 chevy astro van. also i cleaned the Mass Air Flow Semsor on my van and im still having problems with it boggin down. i would rather not have to take it to the shop as i enjoy doign it myself and saving money at the same time. im kinda lost now though. i have no idea as to what to look at next. help
light commes on most of the time sometimes will go 1 day with light of cars stops normally no sound heard from pump
ABS light comes on intermittently was told that it needs replacing at a cost of $1300.00 is there an alternative fix for this.
I replaced the steering column last week. After I was done I saw the wheel was about 90 degrees off.(1/4 turn). I could understand half turn off but this one puzzles me. What is the best way to adjust this to get it straight again? Should I re-align it by the tee rods? or is there a better way?
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