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I have a power steering leak and want to fix it myself what do I need to do?
I have a power steering leak I'm losing power steering fluid
I replace my front brakes and my bearings in my check engine light is still on how do I reset it
I've had a new alternator bench testing the batteries charged fine but I pull the plug off the battery in the battery cuts out the engine doesn't run smooth I pull the battery fuse and the lights go away in the engine runs better but I pull the battery terminal and it still cuts off I don't know what to do I'm looking for advice this all started when I was accelerating the motor would cut out all the idiot lights would come on and the motor to cut on and off so I change the fuel filter and then this problem happen
My rear AC works sporadically. When it works it cools fine, when it doesn't it won't blow at all. Sometimes you can shut the front doors hard and it will come on but not always.
the rear ac works sporadically and is cold. When it runs it will work on all speeds. Sometimes when it is not working you can shut the driver or passenger door hard and it will come on and work but sometimes not.
It just started without indicating any problems prior.
code p0101 p0131 p0137 p0151 service eng light has been on for 2000 mi. Initially the light did not stay on. When I started the van on the morning after it did not come on for days. It came on again under load after warming up. In time it started getting more steady on. Now it just stays on.The van has 171,000 mi runs smooth but bad mpg.
17.1 average. The 02 sensors appear to be in good condition and newer than the van, but at least 2 years old. The voltage at the Mass or Volume Air Flow plug is correct. Thank you.
I think it might be my front end suppension. im not sure, but every right turn i make and every speed bump i go over i hear it rattling on the right side passager and i dont hear it when im driving and its just a little freaking me out, sounds of creaking and rattling, i just changed out the Rear not too long ago. help.....
when turn on ac front blowers don't work. rear ac blowers work fine . have been told vacuum line is problem . Where is vacuum for blowers located?
i checked the fuse and relay
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