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Not sure how do it
they should last for a few years
when I go to start the van it sounds like an old 1970 truck that needs to start to be shimmed
Brake pedal seems to travel more toward the floor than typical. Fluid level is OK. Noise gets louder when pressing brake pedal. This noise is present when sitting parked and running;noise doesn't go away when moving.
runs ok for a few miles then check engine light blinks,(random missfire) then mpg drops from 18 down to 7 replace cap rotor plugs at start runs good , ??
It was cold when it quit is there a place to recharge it is the system
Connected to the front refrigerant refill low pressure tube
I have been having problems with my brakes not feeling right to me since ive owned the car at first my husband had it checked out ok replaced pads the basics so the were ok for a short while complained yo him again had checked rear needed adjustments it was ok 2 or3 days squeeking, grinding etc started again but only on occasion tokd husband had checked out replaced rear shoes and drums even though mechanic said wasnt nessesary but I wanted it fone cause I am not crazy I know what im hearing and feeling and I know the peddke shouldn't be loose etv so they changed them to make me happy. It was good for 2-3 weeks then not feeling right again. I finally took it upon myself to do something come to find out my rear brakes had NO pressure at all so started by replacing the master Cylinder yeah looked like that fixed my problem so we thought all of a sudden my rear tire is making a whistle sound whivh turned into a creaking sound very hard to discribe needless to say I had towed it home finding that there is oil or some kind of liquid I'm thinking break fluid all over that tire the mechanic say he thinks it's that I lost or broke the wheel cylinder on the right side should I just replace the one that is the problem or do both?
It is connected to a T connector by the AC unit. Where does the hose connect inside the vehicle?
service engine light came on
I get my oil changed every 3 mo. I am loosing oil but nothing on the ground. What are the possibilities that it could be? I have 117,000 miles and the van is in otherwise great condition.
If you hook it up manually it will work but it will not work when ou put it all back together
the engine light flashes.code reads multimissfirers
blow out.The box under the dash by the passanger gets loud with the sound of forced air.
It occurs often.code C0265 was stored.wiring to the abs controller checked.Mechanic suspects abs control unit to be bad.Is this possible or does the both lights me the control unit is finding a problem?
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