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p0300 random misfire, occurred before and then after I replaced wires,cap,rotor,plugs, coil. replaced fuel pump in there also. now its doing same thing again. it occurred after rain. its dry now. can start it,runs rough. no ac. was told to check wireing to computer..dude said the wire is rouuted along driverside frame and could have broken wire causing problem.?I haave done about all I know of. Last week it ran not so much. cannot trust it, which sucks. Anyone hear of this problem before?
Van want start and there is no power to the #8 fuse and it is not blown?_/
I changed plugs wires cap rotor knock sensor, Still cant get code out. Some parts changed more than once. Fuel filter pump air filter cam and crank sensor distribator gear. Checked for vacuum leaks. At end of road need to pass emissions to register van. Any help
Blinkers and brake lights don't work. Checked fuses. All good
Would low power steering fluid cause ABS light to come on? I added power steering fluid and light went off!
Or, replacing it.
I replaced the heater control valve and my husband and I drove it a few miles up the road. When we got back my husband had a noise and then coolant gushing from somewhere. When I looked the heater control valve had separated. It is a 6 port heater control valve.
I have a 2001 astro minivan 4.3 liter engine and it will only start if I put starting fluid or mass air sensor cleaner into the intake, but after it starts it will run although its rough and if I give it a lot of fuel it bogs down. What could possibly be the problem?
I get about 55 miles to a quarter of a tank of fuel and it sounds as if the engine is growling when it idles (like cherry bombs), been tuned up about 500 miles ago, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, PCV valve, oil, air filter, and fuel filters. lost dazed and confused.
this only does it when between 40-65mph. if you accelerate or let up a little it stops. no problems below 40 or above 65. It sounds like when you run off the edge of interstate and run over the warning indentions to let you know you are running off road. when it happens very often the abs & brake lights come on and stay until you shut off ignition.
only the rear wheels r working and my abs doesn't work either. is it related?
already but it wont budge
the evaporator coil in 2001 astro van has been replaced, along with new radiator has been replaced, did dye check, no leaks, why is the air just blowing air, not cold air?
After cranking up and the engine is running, there is a noise in the exhaust system. Catalytic converter
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