2000 Chevrolet Astro Questions

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2000 awd drive is stuck in low gear, has forward and reverse, just won't shift out of 4 low
need to replace a broken rear door handle
change all o2 sensors checked evap sonsors
Had new master cylinder cover put on old one floppy from age so was leaking fluid brakes fine just light staying on doesn't go off
2000 Chevy Astro AWD
Had to recharge battery after sitting this winter. Started right up first attempt. next day will turn over, but not stay running. Before sitting past winter, was having difficulty staying running, after a few miles would chug and eventually die and not restart. Would have a better chance at starting if I let it sit for a day after running. Any idea what this could be?
It has 250,000 miles on the engine. About how much should it cost me to replace the timing chain/belt ?
I slowly turned the key in the ignition (part way). But BEFORE the key turned all the way, to actually turn over (crank) the engine, I heard a REALLY loud "pop" sound like an air rifle, and smoke came out (seen at right window). Now the van was NOT running yet. I waited a moment and then turned the key all the way, and the van started fine. The gauges were fine, and I drove home (18 miles) without incident. So what WAS that? Any ideas?
want to know if. jeep battery will van
the AC and now I need a belt. is there one available for this?
rear seal is leaking
What could be the issue?
is it worth to repair, truck run smooth,no somoke,rear differential serviced with new breakes disc,drums etc.
please advise.
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