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had water pump replaced and thermostat still getting hot now being told it could be heater core. had a lot of rust. could it be radiator?
also had lower radiator hose replaced belt tenronor, serpentine belt replaced
The abs was acting up. Fluid level good, wires good, no leaks. Power steering fluid low. Added fluid and brakes are acting find. Have hydro- power brake system.
My dash and tail lights aren't working keep blowing out 1999 astrology van
We Don't do anything to try to fix it, it turns on by its self. This started about a month ago. It tries to start but it doesn't, engine shakes after I stop turning the key. Thank you
It will allow me program any one of my three remotes, but when I try to program a second remote, it will not work. I am at a loss as to why I can't program my other remotes.
I basically want to know what have I got myself into. I can not find anything period on the internet giving me any kind of an idea of what i'm up against. If you can give me any info, tips, or let me know if I'm gonna have to have some special tools and what not, I would greatly be appreciated.
Bill H.
I replaced the sensor with another, and I still get the codes. I checked the wiring harness and getting voltage. I made sure the connection was secure as well. Not sure where to go from here. Its due for smog and cannot fix.
What are the procures to replace the fuel gauge?
OBD code is P0101 The van will not accelerate and shift properly. It's fine in park or neutral when accelerating
The noise then progressed to when the brakes are actuated.It doesn't do it when the vehicle is cold starts to happen after maybe 7 to 10 miles of driving. Does it when its stopped or at very slow speeds. Goes away when your over 10mph
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