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out replace pin,add oil,the van never ran good again,loud knocking noise but not all the time,oil gage goes down when brakes are applied,up when gas is applied.sometimes it dosent make noise at you think i should put in 10w-50 check gages light flickers when brakes are applied and oil needle goes down.ty
on my 1997 Astro AWD when you apply the brakes the pedel pulses and pushes back at you and the brakes do not work when this happens.
I have a 97 astro or miss fire on 4 and 6. I have changed the plugs wires cap and button. But still have a miss fire. Sometimes it runs good and smooth and other times rough. On idle it is smooth but when it runs ruff it can be at take off or when cruise is set. On the passenger side above the spark plugs there is the same nasty sludge as in my coolent. No milky or froth in oil I do use coolent. And also no sweet smell or white smoke coming from the muffler. What could be my issue?????
just go up and down
it always stay on full when car is running. then after awhile back to up and down. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP,YOU HAVE BEEN VERY HELPFUL IN THE PAST...
i have check all fuses and made sure the light werent blown my steering column has been broke and hazard switch and turn signal are broke as well. would the steering column have any thing to with this not working?
Seems like my transmission is jammed or locked up,once i put it in gear ,it makes a loud pop & dies.
I have a brown residue in my over flow tank and also in the top of my radiator,is possibly a blown headgasket?
on a monthly basis
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shaft when there's no obvious oil dripping on garage floor?

Are these repairs necessary for an old car?
Fuel pressure is 60psi when key is turned on,when yiou shut it off the pressure drops off to zero in one minute.I know the injectors could be leaking,but they are inside the intake manifold.Is there anything else that coyuld be doing this?such as fuel pump,regulator? there are no visible exterior leaks.
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