1996 Chevrolet Astro Questions

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I have a astro van 96 and the shifter is lock out in P.
96 chavey astro van hard to start
its occuring now
When we replaced the 40 fuse it ran now a week later same problem but this morning it just blew each fuse when tried to crank
The wipers stay on at all times when the vehicle is on. Have to disconnect the battery so the light do not kill the battery. Changed the turn signal/brights mechanism on the side of the steering column and the light switch.
any speed, only does it when brakes are pushed hard.
i had change the fuel pump twice psi above 60,replace the temperature sensor,throttle sensor,ignition coil,spark plugs,map sensor and the sensor in the distributor.can you help me?and still won't start
They have since replaced them with the rightones. It was aligned but the steering pulls to the left. Now they are sying the steering box is going. Could rplacing with the in correct parts the first time have caused this issue. There was no problem with the steering prior to them using the wrong parts.
I have just replace the power steering pump. We drove the vehicle a few miles and lost both power steering and brakes again when we pressed the brake pedal.
how do you get window regulator out it looks riveted in
Have to remove transmission to replace
to remove engine. core support must be cut out. how to get price est.
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