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Driving it runs fine, until u decrease acceleration, then it stalls. Have to shut it off,and start it back up. That's when the white and blue smoke come out of the Exhaust.
The 4.3 engine will start, but dies if i give too much peddle or no peddle
(I have to tap, tap, tap the peddle constantly, to keep running).
Will not idle stalls out every time.
I did check or replace;
Throttle sensor checks out ok,
Fuel pump Relay is ok,
Installed new fuel filter,
Fuel pump works, but has low pressure, but i bypassed that with a off-market electric fuel pump (not in tank), but... engine does the 'same' thing when started.
Please help
95 astro. 4.3
Started and idled fine. Start the next morning, drove 100 yards and died. Motor will not crank over now. I was able to manually turn the crankshaft. Starter check out fine. Battery fully charged. What is going on here?
park it makes grinding noise, van still rolls back in gear,,, wont drive.when in gear,,maybe possible cable broke, feels like its not catching gears, thers still transmission oil, starts fine just wont drive at all..
i replaced the filter but no change

An inversion of polarity of the battery made a short circuit. Nothing more ignites.
Is there a general fuse?

took a while priming the new oil pump to get even half the lifters to pump oil through push rods. i took out the ones that were not pumping and took apart.
i got some heads from a wrecking yard and i should not of when the rockers were on , instead all of them put in a bag breaking the rule of keep them in original location. could that be my issue since these are positive stop rocker studs designed for the rocker nut to be torqued to 20 ft lbs. do i have to buy new rocker assembly to solve my issue. i can get the motor running by attempting to adjust ( loosen ) valve lash.
i got some replacement cylinder heads from a wrecking yard.
the only difference than the original were they were positive stop rocker arms and the original were adjustable valve lash.
not getting power to pump
lowbeams were out then the high beams stoped working ,I have turn signals tail lights parking lights an back up lights is their links or something to check?and where might they be? or do you know what it is that is wrong? Need help Pleaseeeeee!
I had the intake manifold gasket and thermostat replaced at the tune of 676.00 in Jan. Now the van broke down suddenly on a freeway ramp (almost got crushed) and had it towed. My mechanic said the engine is shot, need a new rebuilt. I've maintained this van by the book it has 109k. Does it pay to do this, and are there any guarantees/warantees i should know about. I can't find a decent used vehicle to replace this van. How much should an engine replacement cost?
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