1994 Chevrolet Astro Questions

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My van acts like its not getting gas but you can stomp the gas (clear her throat) and it will seem to clear up for a while (sometimes) Air conditioner makes it worse but still does it with air off. SCanner says "no problem".
It runs fine in park & neutral
The wipers worked intermittently last year, then quit working altogether. I can purchase a replacement fairly easily, but I have very little mechanical experience, and only a few basic tools
tranny started to slip. i changed the filter and drive still slips slams into gear when you pull it down into 1 gear. everything i've read points to shifting solenoids a& b. how hard and where are they located?
van has been sitting in drive way for about 3 years. engine will not turn over and gear will not move to drive or reverse.
1994 ext suspension continually makes squeaking, rubbing noise outsde toward rear of van. No garage knows what it is.only makes noise when van goes over rough pavement. Has new shocks, front end work done,
this started suddenly, I have a VERY slow trans fluid leak that i cant find (about 1 quart every 2 or 3 oil changes) but i keep the fluid at correct level. The van shifts all other gears fine but will not shift from first until i almost redline it and let off gas.
sensor going into the transmission on the edge of the trans. oil pan, withelectrical plug is leaking .whats it called
I had the heater core replaced in late 09, and it needs to be repalaced already. What could be the reason the part did not last at least a year?
What would cause the speedometer and gauges to stop working on a 94 Chevy Astro van (my email)
The heat and air Will only work if you turn the heater switch on high.
the problem occurs everyday . I drive it back and forth nto work . a ten mile drive.
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