1991 Chevrolet Astro Questions

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There is no compression in one cylinder. You can hear the valve leak when idling..I would like to get both head's valves serviced. And would like to have someone to do this.
I changed both brake calipers and bleed them now when I crank my van the abs makes a humming noise
every stop increases problem
Mechanic says "junk" it. Can I get used/salvage part to replace the exhaust?
The hose is broke on my astro van and I don't know what it is or what its connected to so I can replace it. I can't find a diagram or any info on this. The van stopped running over a month ago and I replaced the fuel pump and ignition module and noticed the hose. It isn't tore, it is just in half.
I can find the turn-signal flasher under the dash, but cannot locate the hazard flasher. Where is it hidden? ThaNKS
stoped runing and will start back the first time
The speedometer needle stopped moving. It just lays at zero. When I set the cruise control, it works,holds the Vehicle at a steady speed, but the speed indicating needle shows no movement,stays at zero.
Cannot locate the fuse, is there a specific acronym for the Dash-Board in the Fuse box? Cannot determine which is the correct acronym. Dash-board just went blank, can't figure what speed I'm going. Please Help!
Right front power door window will go down but it is very slow going up.
Where is the EGR valve located on 91' astro van
The air conditioning was workly extremely well, then went out in a second as the clutch broke. I have a 1991 Chevy Astro Van that a dealership just retrofitted for the new refrigerant a couple of years ago. Can you give me an estimate for repairing the clutch? And if everything was working great before it broke, do you think the compressor should be replaced? That would be more than the van is worth. Thanks for your help!

Deborah Tressler
Engine Control computer definitely the problem. Does a new ecm have to be 'programmed' to this vehicle? If so, estimated cost?
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