1995 Chevrolet 3500 Pickup Questions

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95 chevrolet 3500 dually 7.4 shifting problems....Trk don't want to move in Drive...but in rev it feels like rear breaks are on and something sounds like it's popping loud...Plz Help if possible. ..
after it dies its hard to start
just as said, misses when cold, but as soon as it warms up & reaches temp it runs fin & has no miss
an idiot forced the window down by pushing it
it does this when the engine is warm. after a few minute it cranks right up.this happens repeatedly
I bought the truck about 5 years ago.and I soon after my slave cylinder started bursting like crazy I went through probably 10 before they stop bursting. Then my master cylinder started doing the same thing finally got that to stop.then I replace the clutch about 3 years ago and have put about 10000 miles since replacement. Now when the truck has set for about a week without being moved it will shift fine but as soon as the transmission gets hot it will no longer shift with out stopping and turning the truck off then putting it in gear ..or you have to rev the engine and hope the rpms hit just right and if your lucky it will go in ..Also you have to go to 5th before you even attempt reverse or it just grinds like crazy.anu help would be great thanks and have a blessed day.p.s I just replaced the slave a d master not long bursting this time just tried it to see if that would work dice
it has a 454 engine
then it takes about 20 seconds to idle down to 800 rpm. have replaced all components with no luck
now it will not change gears at all. i replaced the speed censer but that didn't fix it. i can't find the fuse for it to change gears to see if it needs replaceing. it acts to me like there is a short and every time i hit a hole in the road the brake light comes on and it quits changing gears.
when i take off it sounds like a knock.But when ideling in gear thers no knock.when i put high rpms it sounds great.dont no what this could be please help...
I have checked with noid light, pulsing fine, I have the top of it off and have checked and cleaned the spring in the fuel pressure regulator. I want to clean the injectors and see if they need replacing. Van will run if I pour gas in. Fuel pump is working, fuel up to it. Injectors aren't pumping any fuel in throttle body.
can't find est. for replaceing turbo.
I put a new altanator and a new starter in and I am having a charging problem. It will not charge when I turn the lights on you can hear the engin bog down.
Ive got two wires under the manifold that burned. I need to know where they tie in. I've done everything short of pulling the intake to try find the other end. I don't have much to go on except thje truck will not run and the wires made my tach and speedometer jump eratically the popped a fuse. Then caught on fire diesel spill helped that.anyway The truck has a new pump and fuel pumps and relays now. Been chasing this ghst sometime now. Would intermittantly die and maay or may noy start. I'm hoping that the wire short has been the prob. all along
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