1994 Chevrolet 3500 Pickup Questions

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Why is the cluster fluctuating back and forth Until you break the accelerator.. ?
It does not happen all the time but it is frightening when it suddenly does. I must turn off the motor to stop it. It seems to affect my transmission as well at times the motor begins to rap with tinny sound no compression and transmission does not act as though it is engaged does not smoke then. Has started to get worse with lunging as though I am out of fuel or it is out of time. If I had a distributor I would swear the ground wire came off or it jumped time. Help
Replaced both batteries twice in past 3 mo. Please help cure thus madness.
When do I add it
brakes fine going forward; in reverse spongy and to the floor with no brake pedal & no brake.
Bright lights work but dim lights do not. Seems there is no power to dims but switch and fuse both test good. Any suggestions?
I need to know the procedure for taking out and changing the back brakes. The back has dually wheels.
Starter only clicks when ignition turned on. Bad starter or starter solenoid?
How to remove and replace starter?
is there a issue with the dana80 rear end used in this truck i got the truck and had to replace the rear end then i bought a used one it seemed to be good for about 1 month then i started noticing the rear end hopping when in a tighe turn or in a parking lot it makes NO NOISE just some times hopps in a tight turn is this common??
I change all the brake lines installed new master and bleed them and thares no air when i start the truck the peddle goes the the floor
The glow plug light will not come on when u turn the key on, is there a fuse or relay that needs to be changed, and were is it located
Can I adjust the hydro-boost master cylinder to send more pressure to the rear brakes?
1994 K3500 5 speed with PTO plates Where to check the transfer case oil level?

Does the transfer case fill with the transmission?

I can not find a fill, level or drain plug on the transfer case.

I drained the transmission by removing the middle bottom PTO plate bolt. I did not see another drain plug on the transmission either.

I had an older truck like that many moons ago.

I can find no level plug on the transfer case.

I also seem to have a leak on the transmission. Are there any likely spots to check?
The oil seems to be comoing from the top of the transmission
The front axle will not stay engaged when put into 4-wheel drive. It will come out after traveling about 40 to 50 feet. I can hear it popping like it is trying to engage but it never does.
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