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The leak seems to be coming out of a hole in a housing underneath the engine. I have a video of the leak. Leak is not coming from fuel lines. The leak starts when the engine is shut off and starts when the engine is cooling down. I lose 1 to 2 gallons of diesel fuel then it stops. Please help
Seems I can’t remove it by info I’ve gathered I guessed they change it in 2003
My 2001 chevy 2500 Silverado low coolant light keeps coming on . I put a pressurized gauge on it which didn't show any leaks I've changed the reservoir an cap but the coolant still evaporates after I let the truck run and shut it of I hear a hissing of air but I see no leaking water an the hissing is somewhere near the back top of the motor by the way this is a 6.6 diesel any info on this would be gratefully appreciated
What should I do I already replaced transfer case actuator and left old switch on dash after buying new one and plugging it in nothing!
What should I do I already replaced transfer case acruator and left old switch on dash
What should I do?
First off my truck is a 2500HD w/ 5.7 TBI,someone tried to steal it and my passlock shut down the injectors.So,first I replaced my whole fuel system before realizing it was the passlock.I thought it was cause they messed with the steering column so went to a junkyard and got another,same year,but no sure if it had the same anti theft. Thought if that was the case take my key lock housing off the old one and maybe it would read it but where it stands now I don't have any intermediate spark so the PCM isn't getting any signal.I have replaced every part in the ignition system,what's the problem Please I need help!!
someone tried to steal my truck I went to the junkyard and got a different steering column I've replaced cap and rotor spark plugs spark plug wires coil coil pack crankshaft sensor fuel pump fuel pump relay battery new manifold gaskets lower and upper camshaft sensor iac valve new fuel filter ignition module maf sensor new starter and I still have a crank but no start situation
shop put in a new radiator now i have no heat?
gradually the heat is blowing more cold air? the fluids is up where its should be but im not getting the heat i use to get why am i not getting heat ? help ..
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