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This past fall I replaced the roller lifters in my 7.4 Vortec Chevy K2500. had a very loud lifter tick that started all of the sudden. This was not an exhaust leak. After the tear down of the intake system i discovered 4 lifters that were collapsed and the pushrod seat discs were sideways in their bores in the lifters. he truck seemed to be repaired. The cam and lifters were quiet . Upon return the engine developed a squeak that seemed to get louder. It had to be the rockers. I checked to belt and that's not it.
So off the drivers side valve cover and the rockers are dry. No flow. Mechanical oil pressure gauge (Eqqus brand) shows 55 PSI cold at idle and 20 The push rods were cleaned.Could this be a pushrod sealing issue? are they the same end for end? They measure the same on a micrometer. Is assembly lube blocking the oil flow?
any suggestions to why it wont fire, it turns over with a new battery!
On the actuator moved to same position as old one and did not move again when I moved control .and the other actuator want move either .can it be control panel
Automatically when the switch was in the off position. I changed out the wiper motor control board but had no luck . The bed is off of the truck and the rear tail light harness is not hooked up. Could the tail light harness not being hooked up cause the windshield wipers to automatically turn on (high speed)when I start the truck? Im currently doing body work to the bed and thats why it is off of the truck. Just hoping for a quick fix.
i was going around a corner in my 1998 chev 2500 when the steering wheel locked,causing me to hit a tree. was just wondering if anyone else out there has had the same problem?
oil leaks bad. theres a large nut on the bottom side of the housing where the oil filter screws on, i've replaced the o ring a couple times now and it still leaks bad. is there another housing I can put on that does not have that &%$#$% o ring.
I can not get the spring on the back pad to compress enough the install the pad
The other day I fixed the a/c in my truck and went to start it a few days later and something happened. The truck started fine and I turned on the a/c and it died. I heard a weird noise coming from under the dash and i felt around till I found a control module vibrating like crazy. I thought that part was bad so I ordered a new one and when I installed it it's still doing the same thing. The truck won't start and that module is going crazy still. NEED ADVICE
but will not turn in ignition two more keys same thing
on a 1996 chevrolet pickup truck
I only want to R&R the clutch slave cylinder and don't wish to do any more work than necessary. The engine and clutch only have about 40,000 miles on them.
I fill my container up drive 3to4 blocks and my front resavoir go down add more same thing but I can'nt find a leak I check under the hoo around the wheel well nothing but I lost braking power.
fuel pump,dist,
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