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Starter will not engage. Starter was replaced 1000 miles ago. All lights come on in dash, relay under hood clicks. Over 14 volts at battery. It seems something like the neutral switch or some other safety switch. Truck has 185,000 miles on. Where is the neutral switch located. Any help would be appreciated.
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Jumps out of gear while driving at highway speed .turn truck off and on and it works properly.
My friend has a 4/4. He walked in to the gas station and he shut it off. Before that it was running fine. He started right up. It sounded like the starter went. We took it in to get it checked out and it works fine. There is gas in the tank.
When we pull anything or it's just driving down the road you can hear and feel it backfire. It has just started recently.
when the transmission fluid has time to get warm after 5 to 8 miles driving and you stop at a traffic light or something,it shifts great and strong no slipping but want shift to overdrive.
Truck has 320000 miles. All new up front need shop to do this. I hate the smell of rear differential gear oil and wont go near it. Otberwise every thing else new on the truck inluding engine and 4l80E trans rebuild. Call me. Ill come to you.
when the truck is not running you have a good pedal but when you start the truck the pedal goes to the floor what would cause this to happen, thank you daveb
I have only one code PO740
The engine is running.
I am continuing to pop a MIL code of P0102 for MAF sensor low voltage. Performed all voltage and operational checks listed in guide book and everything works as advertized. Replaced MAF sensor twice, but continue to get the code.

What else should I be checking?
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