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I have a 96 Chevy C/K 2500 3/4 ton pickup. Recently I pulled a large camper with it and had to redneck hookup the lights for the camper since my truck has a 6 and the camper has a 7 (running light hookup). Half way to where I was going my blinkers on my truck quit working completely. I got home and changed my brake/hazard fuse, but they still aren’t working. When you flip the blinker on it doesn’t make the clicking noise or turn on any lights. Could it be another fuse that I haven’t seen that’s blown or do I possibly have a loose connection?
Please forgive a seemingly stupid question. I am a grandmother and not mechanically inclined. My truck would not start when it is high humidity. It turns over but won't catch and when I turn off the key almost starts an then shudders with a loud clang in the motor. A retired mechanic told me a few years ago it was a module that needed replacing. I picked it up and took it to a friend to be installed. He did not believe that the module was a problem and showed me he had loosely installed it but left the old one hanging ( Between the carb and the firewall) so I could return the new part if it made no difference. It worked like a charm until a few years later when they both fell off. I want to pick up a new module but can't remember what it was called. Does anyone know what that module is?
replaced acc belt can't find any loose pulleys gets progressively worse at steering stops/full rt. or lft pump is full,not leaking
has white and black smoke pour out of the exhaust, you can not use the gas pedal it just leaps and ten it takes off really fast
It's not the distributor, I changed that out. Not coil or emission control module.
this happen almost every time i take off driving and if am doing 40 MHP i let go the go pedal stays at the same speed once i touch the brake pedal the rpms will drop idle, any help will be appreciated
I recently replaced the Distributor, the cap, the rotor, and the cam sensor in my truck and I started it up then it started throwing a code for the cam sensor so I took the new cam sensor out and put the old one in but its still throwing the code does anyone know what might cause this?
my entire instrument panel less my gas suddenly quit working engine fires fine no problems transmission is standard no problems when I turn on the headlights the dash lights light up but it rings like the doors open help please
Truck always kicked-back when starting as if timing was advanced. Previously replaced ECM. Took to garage, they replaced dist & timed w/ meter - still kicked back but started & ran fine. Also replaced starter. Last week tried to start it. Spins over freely but no start. Gage needles spin totally upside-down and move slightly as engine cranks. Tried a few times, then things returned to normal & it started. Happened again, but problem is continuing this time. Replaced battery cleaned ground connections to block & body - problem still persisting.
I have replaced my fuel pump 3 times, the last time it only lasted a week and it's out again. the first time there was a burned spot on the ground wire on the harness in the tank. replaced the whole assembly. and still having the same problem.
can transmission be pushed back to access fly wheel?
Will a windshield out of a 1996 Chevy 1500 fit
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