1995 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup Questions

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Trucked passed emissions except for gas cap
Took truck back 1 month later and it failed
Hidrocarbons went from 10 - 765
Plugs and rotor were just changed but can't figure out as to why the hydrocarbons jumped so high
Catalytic converter passed so it can be ruled out for repair
Any suggestions ??
I have a '95 k2500 with a '78 model 350 installed. My truck will crank fine and drives ok-ish. (Tends to bog a little in bottom end causing excess gas to be used.) But anyways, my truck will crank just fine and I will accelerate to leave my driveway, and it will go as planned, and then it stalls suddenly and i can feel tension in the gas pedal drop. I can hear a pop/thud on the other side of the firewall (almost like it backfires) and just as quick as it stalls, it picks up again and drives just as usual. (Happens within seconds) The man i bought the truck from disconnected the service engine light in dash due to the truck having no 02 sensors (causing the light to stay on), so I have no clue as to if it is throwing a code or not. Truck used to run like a champ before this started happening. Ive replaced: Plugs/wires, coil,distributor,EGR valve and EGR solenoid, MAP sensor, TPS sensor, IAC sensor, Injectors, rebuilt the TBI and replaced gaskets, Intake gasket, Timing chain (due to a skipped tooth), Fuel Pump, fuel pump relay, both temp sensors (one in head and one by thermostat), and i believe thats all. Im at a loss here. Checked for vacuum leaks and can't find anything. Please Help!
After replacing headgasket check engine light appears randomly while driving at wich time the truck will idle slightly higher than normal
I have a gas leak that's dripping 6" behind left front tire on drivers side.

Appears to be gas line attached to fire wall. Is this a reasonable DIY project to replace it? If no, is it safe to drive 4miles to mechanic with this leaking?
Just replaced back brake drums & pads & master cylinder.
My mechanic is trying to tell me this is normal.
No fluids leaking anywhere.
hfter that grrrrrr My brake pedal vibrates
How do I change a fuel filter for a 1995 Cheverolet 2500 diesel P/up?
changing the trans fluid how many quarts and how often should the fluid be changed?
engine is a 454
The leak is at the back of the engine. I can not find a diagram of the fuel line from the frame to the filter. This leak is a stream flowing down over the bellhousing to the ground.I need a cost to find and repair this.
looking for estimate on having catalyic converter replaced with new bolts and such fom manifold to the muffler
turn signals are not working but hazards are working properly. is this a short in the wires or a switch or plug or fuse? checked all fuses and they are not blown
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