1993 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup Questions

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My climate control has completely quit. There aren't any lights on the screen and none of the buttons work. checked/changed the 25 amp fuse, still nothing.
The injections won't prime after the engine is warm I contacted several parts supplies and my model is not listed for a can position sensor but it's got to be one and where can I purchase it?
If it is a bad ground do I Start by looking under the hood or do I take the taillights out and check the ground there. When I last pulled my camper all of the lights also work but the taillights also did not work so now I am extremely stumped
replaced both headlights
where do i find a diagram that shows how to replace the heater core in this vehicle? do you have to remove the dash or can it be done from under the truck/outside?
When replacing the lower balljoint, will a jack under the control arm be sufficient to control the tension without fooling with the torsion bar? Driver side is bolt on and passenger side is pressed. Replaced control arm after curb incident, dealer said that it would be fine. It has been. till now.
how to take out dome lite
Can anyone tell me where the starter relay is on my truck? My problem is that the truck runs fine, cranks fine except the other day I drove the truck cranked and killed it several times. After just turning off the engine I went to crank it again and nothing. I checked everything battery ok, connections ok, beat on the starter nothing. I left the truck overnight, n ext morning it started fine making me think that possibly the starter relay may have stuck open not making the connection. I am sure that everything checked out even tried repositioning the gear shift. when the key was in the on position fuel pump was on. Any suggestions?
front end shakes radically even at low speed.
How many oxygen sensors is there on a 1993 chevy silverado with a 5.7 liter
Smog tech.did not let rear wheels come to complete stop while using dyno.for smog check. All of a sudden,rear wheels stopped abrutly, and I heard a loud metal sound from the rear wheels/dynamometer area. It sounded like large metal gears grinding. The tech.said it was the dyno., but I think it was my truck's transmission or differential.
Perhaps the tech tried to put the truck in PARK, while the rear wheels were still spinning on the dynamometer. Can this damage the trans. and or rear differential?? thank you. sal Could it have been the dyno.which made the loud noise? I was told there are no metal gears in the dyno, only a belt.
Wasn't there a recall on the fuel injectors for a 1993 Duramax Diesel?
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