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92 chevy truck. A.C. compressor won't engage. Hard jump at both low pressure switch and compressor engage the A.C. With this method I was able to verify that the charge levels both high and low are in the green. Relay and fuse both replaced and working. Green wire at the head unit tested both connected and disconnected. Still won't engage without 12v power directly applied. Any suggestions?
My 4x4 wasn't working so I replaced the actuator and now it shows the 4x4 comes on then I put it into 4x4 and the tires Dont spin at all what else should I look for
I started the truck, and after it ran for about a minute, it suddenly just shut down, completely. It is electrical, that much I know.I tried to restart, and was met with utter silence.No lights, no spark.. nothing. I am hoping it is as simple as a fuse, but have no idea where to check
fuel pump went out replaced it then the truck started then dies replaced it 2 more times did not work check then grounds wires replace every senor pcm time set fuel presure regulapr
I had a slave cylinder go out a couple of weeks ago. I replaced it with a Slave from Car Quest. With in three hours after I installed the new slave it blew compleatly out, Cracked allong the manufacture seam. I then replaced both master and slave and it blew out the slave with in hours. Today I installed the third replacement slave cylinder with the same results, slave blew out within hours. I cant have bought 3 bad slaves in a row, what could cause this to happen.
truck runs good until you turn on the lights. It starts loosing power and dies within minutes. turn off the lights, starts up just like normal.
rear drum brk locking up, releases in rev. but locks again when you put in drive.
changed, replaced filter, fuel pump, electronic module
My truck has been running great ! Today it started and then quit. It would run for a couple of seconds and then die. It finally started but cut out after a few miles [ I was going home from work ] and the check engine light came on and is still on. I did replace the fuel filter. Checked wires at the distributor. Need the truck to get to work. HELP
When I run my diesel truck (its a standard transmission) for a while and turn it off it won't restart until it is completely cooled off.
the rpm metter, when driving will some times move up and down like it is shorting out, causing the truck to cut off and loose power, but will kick on when the truck comes to a stop.I thought it was a fuel pump but I dropped the tank and tested it, it works. I changed fuel fillters,and the thermostate. but it still does the same thing
Trans rear housing has a plastic gear i need to replace this with a steel pickup gear can this be replaced from the rear housing ? or do you have to tear down the whole thing
Cable slipped out of housing,wont engage from under truck
i have a 92 diesel 2500 n the fuel meter is going back and forth. anyone got ideas of why
My driver side brake light doesn't get any power. All other lights work. I changed harness and circuit panel where the lights bulbs connect. I also did a voltage test at the connections near the rear bumper, no power was coming the either. What should I do next.
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