1999 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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1999c1500 5.7 v8 vortex 2wd extended cab. Has good gas perrsure, new fuel filter, new fuel pump. I can accelerate up to 3500 rpms in park, but when I but it in drive it dies out and the check gages light comes on. If you know something about the problem don’t be afraid to answer
I would to swap it out to a 1980 chevy 350 which I already have in stock trans and engine complete. will the computer still work since the 1980 engine doesnt need it. how much problem might I run into getting everything to work right again.
It only blows air out towards feet.,A
lso defrost not working
Hearing fuel pump have fuel pressure and acts like it wants to start as I’m letting off key has spark at coil and runs great but this happens and it sets a few days then suddenly start getting to be a problem I hear a noise from under dash sound like small motors goes on for 25 seconds sounds like it kinda s cycles
I replace the fuel pump, gas cap, evap canister vent solenoid, evap purge solenoid valve, evap canister, fuel tank pressure sensor, fuel tank gasket. mechanic perform smoke test & other test has been checked. The check engine still comes on when driven.
O ring missing from around top of fuel pump. If this truck has a pressurized fuel system,why then would it still run?
My rear bumper is rusted. Anyone know are the newer models interchangeable?
service engine light on and blinks every now and then
Speedometer is not working now. Transfer case is 246 gm. Engine is a 5.3. Had code for vss,502 I believe, replaced sensor and cleared code. Need help thanks.

I changed the oil pan gasket and the low oil level lights comes on and the antifreeze looks brown now.
I checked fuses bought new relays replaced switch
My battery light comes on and my security system blinks and it wont start. I have tried the open/close door and turn signal up/down then start, worked once, Lock/unlock door twice, worked once. When I unlock/Lock/Unlock it activates the security system then wont start. The system started blinking while I was driving, it would stop and start again when I hit a bump. Dont know what to do.
My 4x4 switch says I'm in 4 wheel low, I am not. It's in 2 wheel. I've changed the actuator motor twice now, both salvage parts. I've changed the 4x4 switch on the dash board. It still says I'm in 4 wheel low. I've jacked the tuck up, only rear wheels spin, and it goes full speed. Any ideas on where to go from here?
Every so often a loud clanking noise will happen but it's not constant. I have noticed a power loss when goin down the road. could a push rod or a valve cause that?
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