1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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I'm trying to find somebody who knows how to fix the gauges on a 98 Silverado because I've tried everything I can think of and I just can't get it

Need location and what it's use is

Truck will not shift fro 2nd gear to 3rd gear.

The truck has set for 7 years. I have changed: plugs and plug wires, rotar and distributor cap, sensor on throttle body, and of course all of my fluids.

Just started missing all at once

Was told starter was bad and needed replaced even when it starts it starts the truck. Could this be the problem?

Truck cranks but doesn't start it will run long as you pour fuel in intake has right fuel pressure and it's getting fire I'm lost maybe anti lock system (bypass) i seapped a 98 1500 to a 95 1500 vortec all wires or hooked up and changed harness don't understand please help

change dishberter and cap

it just got a tune up. It did it before and after tune up. temp is normal. It seems that when I let it sit for awhile. It goes back to normal until 40 miles again.

I'm about to purchase from a private party and want to know if it's worth it for how much I'll have to put in.

I keep getting this code only problem I seem to have is when its damp outside and Im low on gas it acts like it has a miss

With key on , no power to fuel pump. Relay has steady power but no prime power. Security light is on steady all the time

I had somone check it and tole me it is not good because he conected a tester and it beep by putting

It starts fine. It idles ruff. When you try to rev it up,'s hard to do. It sounds like the fuel is being restricted. You can't get the RPMs to climb. If you keep trying the engine sounds like it wants to die out. The Oil is clean with no water.

Recently my power locks on both driver and passenger side quit working at the same time but the windows still work. The lock and windows are on the same actuator why did just the locks stop. My key fob still works. I just yesterday put new fusses in thinking that was the problem but didn't help. What might be my issue?