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I am rebuilding my k1500 98 Chevy 5.7 350 and I have it all on plugged in and what not but I came to a problem where I start it and it does immediately but if I poor gasoline straight into the throttle body it runs till that fuels is used I had it running a few days ago where it would stay running but now it won’t stay on it just revs up then dies maybe half a second fuel pump is good fuel filter is new as is spark plugs and wires please help
Rotated the distributor and stopped backfiring but now the truck will not start.
Cab of truck is totally dead!
it began to die on me while driving got it home and would not start again. not fuel pump running so replaced it fuel filter fule regulator, ecm and now it will start but will not run. fuel pump does run now.
I have replaced neutral safety switch The key Tumbler and the electric part of the ign as well still same issue
when i try to start my truck it will staryt no problem but the shifter cant move, but if i just turn the key ut dont start it and then put it into nuetral and then start it up its able to shift with no problem. theres no sounds, leaks or anhything just that problem.
I checked all my fuse's there all great, None blown all sensors check out so i dont think its the pcm being bad but i think there's a short in the wire harness between the pcm and obd2 plug and ive tested my scanner on other cars to make sure it was not the scanner how would i go about fixing this? Plzz Help
Speedometer acts erratically when driving does not occur all the time just once in awhile
Works on highway but still acts up on rough gravel roads and on real windy days
when I turn my head lights on bright the two outside lights turn off and the two inside lights turn on. Is this the way it is supposed to work? Does not seem to make any difference between dim and bright.
It turns over fine but desiels when letting off the ignition key. when i wait a day or 2 untill the humidity drops or if i run a nibco heater under the engine for a couple of hours it will finally start
My truck is loosing all the engine coolant, but I can't find any external leaks. I have to fill the radiator and the coolant container everyday. the service engine soon come on, and i put the scanner, and P0125 code shows on. what the problem could be, where the engine coolant goes, there is a bubbling noise coming from the small heater inside my truck by the passenger side, but I checked inside, and it is totally dry.
how much will cost me to get the reverse replace in a 1998 Chevy 1500 4×4 truck?
I took a 98 chevy 2500 with a 5.0 blew motor took a 97 chevy 5.7 installed it. Installed 97 computer will run with misfires. Installed a 98 computer with a 5.7 installed will not run. Just for the neck of it tried the 5.0 computer also won't run it

5.7 from 97 chevy ran with no issues before installing
It pulled the yoke out of transmission but now the slip yoke wont slide back in. What would cause that. Truck will move in fourwheel drive.
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