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I know it's the electronic knock sensor, but it's all rusted and can't get it out also there's no wire? And don't know where to connect it to (the wire) when I get one, can you help me out? Also where is the esc module? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
Recently my ac on my 97 Chevrolet c1500 4.3 the ac tends to blow out the feet vents instead of the face vents where it is set at. I replace the blend door actuator because I noticed it wouldn't stay in the same spot after setting it to blow on the face only but yet still have no luck. I don't hear the "normal" tapping from the ac vents from when the doors fail so I'm not to sure why it's still blowing through the face and floor vents when I only want it to blow to the face. What else should I check or do I need to just take apart the whole ac setup in the cab to figure it out
will 275/55r20 117t fit on 1997 k1500 chevy silverado
It has only done this once and someone released a valve or something under the hood
Replaced the radiator, replaced and used a 180 thermostat instead of 195, and water pump. Whenever I drive either highway or back road the temp goes past the running temp(210) and gets to about 240ish and sometimes more. The a/c doesn’t work but the heat slightly does and gets warm just doesn’t blow out very hard, what could cause this??? And the clutch fan is running properly. Please help
1995 Chevy 1500 pick up trucks been running a little rough and when it rains it wont start something/a wire is getting we Today truck stalled while driving and wont start wont crank when I turn key nothing happens. We had to push her home lol.. Do you think this could be the distributor cap?
When turning a ticking sound comes from around the glove box
works some time,when you turn the wipers off they stop in different positions
I've had the system tested, the alternator charges the battery just fine, the alternator was bench tested at napa where I bought it. Tested 'good'. Replaced the plug from the harness to the alt.

My voltage gauge still goes crazy causing all my lights to dim. Only my sound system (radio 2 amps) is unaffected. Likely because it's on its own circuit.

I can't see any short or corroded connections on the harness, the battery holds a charge perfectly, starts with no hesitation etc.
I had a coolant leak in the rear part of the engine and it turned out to be a lower intake manifold gasket. I replaced the gasket and then the cast aluminum quick disconnect for the heater hose broke. I replaced the lower intake manifold and in the process messed up the timing. I attempted starting and the bad timing caused one of the bolts holding the starter on break causing the starter to be out of place. I replaced the bolts and got the starter set correctly and set the timing correctly by finding TDC. Now the issue is not getting enough power to the spark plugs. The coil pack isn't putting out enough power so I tried a new coil and nothing changed. I thought it was maybe the wiring except it's got new wires going to the coil. Any help is greatly appreciated.
This is a Chevy k1500 z71 5.7L V8 Vortec. I checked the freeze plugs and they were not damaged any.
My truck's temp will mot get to operating temp stays around 100 maybe a little higher had no issues until now and is it ok to drive like this my truck is a 97 chevy 1500 with a 4.3 v6
will a 2006 rear end 3.73 fit a 1997 with 3.73 gears
1997 Chevy Silverado 1500 2 wheel-drive Automatic-
Was coming from bringing my wife from work,while driving the rear tires began to act as though I was running over speed bumps with only my rear tires. So I coasted it home, at about 20 mph or less, when home the engine had gotten above average temperature wise. So far I have changed the rear end gear oil, and yet the truck still seems to drive like the E-Brake is on after it warms up a bit. We've the brakes they seem to be fine, at this moment I just seem to be at a loss....Also when the truck is put into gear it doesnt do the normal roll for whatever gear its in like it once did.Should I replace the whole rear end, or Ive seen where it could be the bearings...Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Power door lock buttons not working but the remote fob will unlock them? bought this truck new in 1997 but cannot figure this out. help please.....
When o take off its a terrible...Then smooths back out
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