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will a 2006 rear end 3.73 fit a 1997 with 3.73 gears
1997 Chevy Silverado 1500 2 wheel-drive Automatic-
Was coming from bringing my wife from work,while driving the rear tires began to act as though I was running over speed bumps with only my rear tires. So I coasted it home, at about 20 mph or less, when home the engine had gotten above average temperature wise. So far I have changed the rear end gear oil, and yet the truck still seems to drive like the E-Brake is on after it warms up a bit. We've the brakes they seem to be fine, at this moment I just seem to be at a loss....Also when the truck is put into gear it doesnt do the normal roll for whatever gear its in like it once did.Should I replace the whole rear end, or Ive seen where it could be the bearings...Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Power door lock buttons not working but the remote fob will unlock them? bought this truck new in 1997 but cannot figure this out. help please.....
When o take off its a terrible...Then smooths back out
Could it be a freez plug leaking
it's only that cylinder an Ive replace everything full tune up new fuel pump egr valve I mean I've changed everything I did a cylinder pressure test it was good I can't figure it out I can go 70 with no misfire in till I go up a hill
How do you install pvc
Acts like chocked and drinks gas
regulator.but no guel at check valve
I'm on at least the 4th fuel pump since the truck was new, the last 3 according to the mechanic and my testing had a leaking check valve. I've found inline valves for around $10 which sure beats $150-$300 for a new pump not counting the work involved but need to know the size. THANKS
Won't restart. Fuel pump relay clicking. Pushing valve on back of engine produced only a drop of gas, not a stream.
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