1997 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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Could it be a freez plug leaking

it's only that cylinder an Ive replace everything full tune up new fuel pump egr valve I mean I've changed everything I did a cylinder pressure test it was good I can't figure it out I can go 70 with no misfire in till I go up a hill

How do you install pvc

Acts like chocked and drinks gas

regulator.but no guel at check valve

I'm on at least the 4th fuel pump since the truck was new, the last 3 according to the mechanic and my testing had a leaking check valve. I've found inline valves for around $10 which sure beats $150-$300 for a new pump not counting the work involved but need to know the size. THANKS

Won't restart. Fuel pump relay clicking. Pushing valve on back of engine produced only a drop of gas, not a stream.

bank2 sensor3 comes on after I replaced the o2 sensor and checked all the wires and were ok , so what else could it be

I recently purchased this truck, 4x4 5.7v8 1997 silverado. my question is: When i start/turn key to on position the headlights come on and the green dash light shows the headlights are on. when i turn the headlight switch on the headlights remain on and the dash lights and rear lights come on, but the green dash indicator goes out. The other thing i noticed is with the headlight switch turned off and the vehicle is running if i depress the parking brake the headlights go out, they will come back on on if i turn the headlight switch on or release the parking brake. IS THIS NORMAL OR DO I HAVE A CROSSED WIRE SOMEWHERE?