1996 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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I need the firewall bulkhead pin out for my chevy k1500
Replaced vss same problem
VIN # 2GCEK19M3T1159194
This just started yesterday. I replaced #20 - 10A builb already this morning
So I replaced the ignition switch which everywhere I’ve researched has said to do but it did not fix any of the problems idk what to do now cause all the symptoms point to ignition switch
Ive got gas I've charged battery starter fluid won't start new starter

I'm rebuilding a motor. 5.7 1996 chevy. It did not have anything behind cam sprocket when I took the motor out. Do I need a thrust plate or something behind the sprocket or does the lifters keep the cam from coming out?
If I stop and shut the car off for 10 or 20 mins then It runs fine for a bit until it begins again any ideas on what it is
Have changed modglar and fuse. It will start but the fuel pump will not come on.
My truck and speed sensor melted wire got really hot replaced it now my tire is locking up hard to turn then locks up after a couple of rough turns disconnected battery overnight didn't work any help please
my 1996 Chevrolet C1500 will not start without the use of starting fluid every time the engine has been turned off for an hour or more.
The problem only occurred once, I was going over train tracks, and it was out of the blue, the truck just lost almost all power, and then it got going again
I have taillights and brake lights and dome lights.. only 1 low beam works and both high beams work..
even after buffing head light they are still just not bright enough not to hit deer out in the country
i have replaced everything but the wiring from the wire harness and sometimes it works some times it doesn't some times the break or running light will work and the blinker wont some times the running light works and break and blinker don't it is never consistent.
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