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sound changes pitch slightly when gas pedal is barely touched, then returns to high pitch. Sound stays same with increased rpms. just repaired fuel return line due to rust out. changed fuel filter at same time a week before this started. Cleaning the throttle body didn't have an effect on whistle noise. Butterfly looks normal. Guessing vacuum leak on a component. where do you start? Thank You
4.3 liter stalled pulling out of driveway. Repeated attempts to restart no go. Ether, gas prime, no go. Gauge shows 1/4 tank; added two gallons and now starts every time, runs at fast idle for about 10 to 20 seconds then dies flat or sputters for a while before dying. Currently suspecting fuel pump, throttle body gasket or throttle position indicator.
gas petal has like a Sweet spot that I have to hold it steady at or else I'll Dramatically lose speed and the truck starts studdering/cutting back, to Much gas petal or to Little gas petal and the engine studders bad, have changed oil and oil filter recently bought new Duralast Alternator that works Great btw. Any Suggestions PLEASE, also check engine light goes on and off Frequently
Problem accords when at running temp, doesn't die while running, but when you turn off (like stopping for gas or grocery store). OBD I codes are 32 (EGR error, which I have cause from EGR delete block alum) and 58 Trans Fluid Temp sensor circuit low (have no idea were to begin to diagnose or were that temp sensor is located. Replaced both engine coolant temps sensors on driver side block (cylinder 1) and water pump (on top). Please advise
if i floor it more like gray smoke comes out while im driving
No power on hills will not make it in over drive no matter how fast I'm going before the hill.
Already did a tune up and change. Tension pully what else could it be.
Started out not shifting from first unless i let off the gas
And now wont shift at all its automatic transmission fluid looks good and smells good. And parking brake light wont go off
It's a v6
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