1994 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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happens at random time, will do it at start-up, or as the vehicle is running
I can just start the truck up with no key in
I have a 94 chevy v6. My engine will turn but will not start. My distributor is perfect and spark plugs are good. I checked every basic thing for answers but nothing. What is the problem
My 1994 Chevy 1500 has a digital control unit for my heater and A/C. The temp control uses arrows to show where the temp is set. All of these arrows flash at the same time and I am unable to change the temp settings. I changed out the unit with a new one figuring it had gone bad. The same thing happens with the new one. Can you give me any ideas of what might fix this problem?
when driving down the road my1994 chevy 4x4 5.7 hiccups the tack and oil and amp gage goes down put in new coil and stator in dis.its like it loses elt power THanks Frank
show a diagram where it's located on engine
Wont start. Will start with either, changed fuel pump relay,fuel pump, fuze, ignition module, fuel pump isnt getting power only gets about 8.5 amps
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? A few days
Replaced the MAP sensor, IAC valve, ERG solenoid, temp sensor, fuel injectors (2) and rebuilt the gas regulator.
flywheel cracked
Flexplate is out of vehicle.
It shifts into 1 and 2 but won't go in 3 just free balls and it just started change filter fluid and still won't shift
Can you pls help
Neutral or electrical box
fairly mechanically inclined. live in Alaska, yes its cold! so i drove to work, and when i got off work my truck would crank but not start, my buddy told me it was not getting fuel and i needed to change the pump. i changed the fuel pump relay and she fired right up! the next day it did the same thing crank but no start, this time i unplugged the fuel pump relay for half hour or so plugged it in and she started! went home and changed the fuel pump anyway. the next day the same thing, crank but no start! now its -30º F here so i had it towed for $100 bucks to my house, rolled it into garage and for shits and giggles i turned the key and she fired right up! my kind of luck. whats going on? recent history before this started, just replaced the water pump, thermostat, thermostat sensors. no codes being thrown...
Relatively new motor, new heater core, new water pump, new thermostat(x3). New blend doors (operational i checked) head gaskets replaced and heads milled, hoses seem to get hot, upper hose on core from to p of engine seems to be hotter than the lower return to radiator. temp gauge never goes above 70-80 ish was not working so i installed an aftermarket gauge and the increments are not that well designated... ive done everything i can think of. and spent way too much money. never had this issue until last winter, this truck used to have really good heat, last year and this year wearing snow pants to and from work cause its - 30- -40° below here in AK Sux.
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