1992 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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trans. doesn't slip just won't change into a higher gear?
The truck is a 6 cylinder and runs great otherwise. Already changed battery, MAP sensor, rotor, distributor cap, sparkplugs and wires, knock sensor, fuel filter and checked fuel quality and all fuses.
the leak was coming from under tourq convertor dust cover.its a 74 Chevy pick up 4x4 350 Auto Trans. it was OK the day before. "Question" would front seal just go out! like that? its winter now, and just too damn COLD! to do the work! but, if you need it.It has to be Done.
It done it a few days ago.but I went to jump it off.after a hour of trying to fix it cranked.worked fine for few days now same problem.
It comes on after u have been driving it for 10 mins then stayshe on for bout 15 or 30 mins then goes off
I get code 12, 24, 36. What does it mean?

I'm also stuck in first gear. Transmission will not shift. Do those codes correspond to that as well?
How is the new gasket installed and also how is the plunger installed without cutting the new gasket?
all instruments acting up , turned switch off , tried to restart , not even a click , jump started , all seemed ok , heat and air control does not light up no control of air or heat was working fine immediately before problem happened, is there a in line or under hood fuse to protect this area ,
also 4 wheel drive lights no longer light , also checked out put of alternator 13.8 volts , any help appreciated !
1500 "K" 5.7l.
If the truck is parking I can accelerate to max rpm with non engine sound whatsoever. If a put it in gear start making a nock/piston/metal sound as soon start to bring the rpms' up.
Without completely removing the transmission can I replace any or all of the following parts: clutch, pressure plate, throwout/release bearing
What kind of product can I use to safety to add to my oil change to help with the seals until I have the money to replace the seals? At the leading auto parts stores I've found products on the shelves to help soften dried out seals.... Should I add the additive with my next oil change?... Thank you, Steven Priest.
My truck runs great. Bought it from an 85 year old cranky lady with 111 thousand miles. I've replaced the belts, hoses, and radiator. The truck isn't pretty on the outside. was used as a farm truck. It now has 128,000 miles on it after 2years of ownership.
Chevy crew cab with 94,000 miles just quit running going down the road @ 35 mph and lost all power. It will turn over but will not start as if gas is not reaching the engine. I bought the truck new and have never had a problem before this. Checked fuses and they're OK. Had a person test for power with tester at fuse box under hood and it tested good but with another person in back & could not hear anything by fuel pump while the 3rd person just turned the ignition to the "on" position. Tried a new fuel pump (not gm) and again no power to fuel pump, so it won't start. Please help
started having low coolant issues and inc. temps, shop said water pump needed replacing, within a week low coolant light was on again, this time they said reservoir was cracked, again within a week the low coolant light started coming on and temps start going up if I don't add coolant every couple of days. no smoke coming from tailpipe and engine doesn't smell bad, however no coolant appears to be leaking on the drive where truck is parked. everyone says it's probably the head gaskets but I everything i read indicates there'd be smoke from tailpipe and smell - what else can be happening with the coolant?
ac compressor not kicking on .
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