1992 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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I had to replace my steering column on my 92 Chevy Silverado 5.7l 350 with a manual trans. And the only steering column I could find used was a automatic column shift one and I got it put in but a wire came out on harness connector for ignition switch and I don't know what the pin layout is and not sure if its that or something else but truck won't even crank all the lights and bells go off when key is on but Truck does nothing when turned forward to start.
When idling the truck starts fluctuating and when it is in reverse it shuts off most of the time
What type of fluid to use in a 92 Chevy pickup manual transmission
It knocks when driving it but it goes in and out of gears but going into first it kind of wines and then stops and goes into gear
No problem I just wanted to know what fluids to use
My lights stay on even after I turn them on after driving in wet conditions.
I can't disconnect my battery for longer than 5 minutes.
They stay on even though the button for them is in the off position.
I had to disconnect a switch in the rear under the bed to get the back lights to turn off so the battery won't drain as fast. what can I do to make sure my lights turn off?
trans. doesn't slip just won't change into a higher gear?
The truck is a 6 cylinder and runs great otherwise. Already changed battery, MAP sensor, rotor, distributor cap, sparkplugs and wires, knock sensor, fuel filter and checked fuel quality and all fuses.
the leak was coming from under tourq convertor dust cover.its a 74 Chevy pick up 4x4 350 Auto Trans. it was OK the day before. "Question" would front seal just go out! like that? its winter now, and just too damn COLD! to do the work! but, if you need it.It has to be Done.
It done it a few days ago.but I went to jump it off.after a hour of trying to fix it cranked.worked fine for few days now same problem.
It comes on after u have been driving it for 10 mins then stayshe on for bout 15 or 30 mins then goes off
I get code 12, 24, 36. What does it mean?

I'm also stuck in first gear. Transmission will not shift. Do those codes correspond to that as well?
How is the new gasket installed and also how is the plunger installed without cutting the new gasket?
all instruments acting up , turned switch off , tried to restart , not even a click , jump started , all seemed ok , heat and air control does not light up no control of air or heat was working fine immediately before problem happened, is there a in line or under hood fuse to protect this area ,
also 4 wheel drive lights no longer light , also checked out put of alternator 13.8 volts , any help appreciated !
1500 "K" 5.7l.
If the truck is parking I can accelerate to max rpm with non engine sound whatsoever. If a put it in gear start making a nock/piston/metal sound as soon start to bring the rpms' up.
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