1990 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Questions

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I replaced master cylinder. still no pressure. tried to bleed brakes with no fluid coming out. I am at a loss of what to try now
replaced engine with slightly used rebuilt motor from a junk yard.they told me it ran when they got it. so iput it in my truck .useing my distrubitor coil pack tbi carb. i've checked timing gets fuel and spark.only back fires i've retimed it several times yesterday 4/23 /17 i sprayed starter fuild in the carb went to start it and it backed fired but it blew my valvue covers off
I have a 1990 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 heavy half ton with a 3.4l v6 and a granny 4 speed transmission. I want to drop a 70's 350 in it. The transmission and everything else bolts up except I need different motor mounts. Is there a conversion motor mount I can buy or is this something that needs to be fabricated
I have replaced the timing chain also a complete distributor,cap rotor,plugs and wires I have to advance the timing all the way to the firewall to get it to start I have spent $600 just on parts I am really confused and no one can give me an answer I have never had this much problem with getting a vehicle running. I am just about ready to put a 350 engine from my 76 Monte Carlo because I don't want to have to replace the cam . The timing is on top dead center the rotor is pointing to the #1 tower
drop and drain a gas tank
If the O2.sensor is bad how would I know
Replaced fuel filter and pump
it runs rough at low rpms but its ok at higher rpms
1990 Chevy 1500 4.3 V6 Kept having to get a jump to start it so I replaced the battery and after a few days it started needing a jump again to start it so I took the positive off the battery while the truck was running to see if it was the alternator and the truck stayed running with the positive off the battery so I said it can't be the alternator and just yesterday I got a jump and right after the truck died after about 5 minutes of running and now it won't start back up I don't have a lot of money to replace this part or that part The truck sounds like it's dead when you try to start it and after 3 times of trying to start it It has no juice in the battery Can someone help me with this problem I'm a woman and know a little about motors and has to fix it myself just don't have money to replace parts that are not the problem
Put truck in gear and it stalls out... idles fine but wont launch when in gear. Jacked up ass rnd of the tryck tginking the rear brakes might be locked up. But wheels were turning with out any issues. Lowered truck and and went into gear fine drove it around a bit parked it to change tires. Tried to move truck 2 days later.... same issue. All the power cuts out and truck stalls out. As soon as i launch. Its throwing a code for lean exhaust. Thinking it may be a fuel delivery issue. Fuel driping from TB.
After wide open throttle the cable remains in the open position. Is there a spring inside the transmission that may have come lose or come off? Or is the cable just worn out? Can't find a way to lubricate the cable inside it's casing.
So this problem arose after i made a 800 mile trip from arkansas to north carolina. The truck made the trip just fine but once i got here, it wouldnt start after spending the night. At first i thought the problem could be the battery so bam, new battery. Problem persists. I then checked my spark plugs and went ahead and purchased a rotor and new distributor cap which i installed today. YES the plugs are in line and no lines are crossed. I went ahead and double triple checked. Still the problem persists. I can smell fuel when i crank the key so i know the fuel pump is good. Also i replaced my alternator less than 2 years ago so that should be good as well. Starter is less than a year old, battery is 4 days old, distributor cap is not even 12 hours old. If you have any ideas or comments or suggestions I would be very pleased to hear them. This is my only source of transportation and gravely need to be mobile. Thank you. --Jax
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