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Q: Checking The Timing on 2001 Honda Civic

Is there a way to check the timing on a 2001 honda civic lx coupe? Is it possible to use a timing light?? Thank You
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no more timing lights these days.
computer controls spark. the light will show you the timing but you cannot adjust it in any way.
you can remove the top cover on the timing belt and verify timing marks.

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ty you roy..the reason i wanted to check was becasue I replaced my timing belt and it ran awesome for a couple of when you start it it spits and sputters when you are at a stop light or in park until it warms up..then it idles around 2-500rpm. any ideas? Im at a loss. I do have an evap code that comes up. Says canister control system. Should I replace the purgr valve?? Thanks again roy
dont do anything with the evap. let someone at a shop check it for you. you need a smoke machine, volt meter and a scan tool.
i would double check the timing belt. the tensioner may have come loose and slacked off the belt and retarded the timing. verify your work first.

ty again roy...if the timing belt is ok is there another way to adjust the idle?? I was told there was no idle adjustment screw and not to touch the throttle stop screw. I replaced the idle air control valve already. i am new to repairpal and you are awesome...thank you again so much!!
the throttle body may be carboned up and the passage for the vacuum to the iac may be partially restricted. it needs to cleaned completely with throttle body cleaner.
the idle stop screw can be adjusted especially after years of a car running and the miles.
it is a process to set it.
try cleaning the throttle body first.

do I need to take the throttle body completly off to clean it...and what is the process of adjusting the idle stop screw?? or is there a place I can read about how to do it if it is to much to explain here?? Sorry to bother you so much but out of the questions that I have asked..youare the one that really seems to know his stuff.
no bother. no, you can perform this with the throttle body on the car. use the spray and apply some of it to a rag and wipe out the body and clean the plate.

the adjustment is done last.. when you disconnect the iac motor, the idle should be around 600-650 rpm. there may be a lock nut on the screw or it may just be a little tight. be careful. when you re connect the iac motor, remove the battery cable for 10 seconds and put it back on, then start it up and see how it is.

good luck

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