Q: Check gauges light on at initial startup and temp gauge goes straight to hot? on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

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I am deployed and wife is having this problem. She looked at radiator and it was low and seems fine now. Was this an indicator for low fluid that I dont know about? Also, what should I be considering as far as repairs? Thanks.
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I think that if the temp gauge goes to HOT on a cold start then there's a problem with the engine coolant temperature (ECT) system and the computer senses that and turns on the light. You need to get the truck checked out by a technician with a scanner to read diagnostic codes and data stored in the computer.
A diagnostic check should cost no more than 1 hour labor time. The cost of repair depends on what's wrong.
I suggest you find a Chrysler or Dodge specialist.
Here's a directory link for you:
I have a scanner at home assuming she can make the 6 hour drive home on it, but if no codes what would be next? She said it didnt run hot at all on the way out of town and once there she parked it. This morning at startup is when all this happened. Thanks for the help.