Q: check engine soon light is on on 1994 Cadillac Eldorado

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po30 is the code for isc moter rpm out of range in which my car has a fast idle plus the isc moter makes a clicking noice even after i turn the engine off.could it need replacing and will my check engine light go off ?
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You need to inspect the Idle Speed Motor, the internal position sensor is not detecting that the tip is extended all the way. As for your Check Engine Light, that may be due to the Idle Speed Control motor or some other things as well. Only way to know is to retrieve the code(s).
I brought the isc moter because i got the code po30 and will have it installed in the morning along with new pluges & wires i just hope it solves the problem...thank you so much for your for your input.i am a little more at ease !
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