Q: check engine ligth on 1998 Toyota Camry

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i bouth a 1998 toyota camry whit 200000 thusand miles on it . the timing belt was change and water pump . and now the check enging ligth came on , too it to the machanic and he clean one of sensor and the turn off for a couples of days but it came back on . i have to do a couple of long trips whit this car. is it ok to drive long distance whit the check engine ligth on?
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Many will say no,fact-as long as car runs good drive it! The yellow check engine
light just means the computer has seen a problem with an engine sensor.If
performance up to par,drive that sucker.Now,if you want to fix it have scan test
and repair as needed.Not many sensors can simply be cleaned, some but not many.
See i told you so.Reply is very typical.
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get a 2nd opinion and post code so we can adv. do not take on long trip the light is telling you there is a problem
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