Q: Check Engine Light/Computer Reprogramming on 2003 Ford Taurus

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I've had issues with my check engine light being on for some time now. I was told it was the oxygen sensors, had them replaced, and it still came back on. The car runs fine except for when it's stopped at a light or something, idling, there's a studdering/hiccupping thing that happens and it gets worse when the air/heat is on. I just took it in again and was told the computer needed to be reprogrammed and that would solve the problem. Of course, it's gonna cost $1150.00 to do. Am I getting ripped off, yet again? What should I do and how much should this type of thing cost?
(3) Answers
Also, any Auto Zone will use their OBD-2 tester and give you the codes. They'll even show you the explanations on their computer. The only thing is, its still most likely a multiple choice.
Have someone retrieve your Check Engine Light Codes. $1150.00 sounds like a full computer replacement, not just a reprogram. A reprogram usually runs about $130-$150 dollars. I have done them many times at the dealership. Once you know all the codes, we will have a lot more to go on and we can proceed to the next step. You can pay for 1/2 hour of time at a shop to pull the codes.