Q: Check engine light, VSC all came on. The car runs fine when in shake on 2003 Lexus RX300

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Lexus RX300 1999-2003 Diagnostic in Advance Auto Parts show P0021 Camshaft Position Timing Sensor need to me replaced.
Misfire P0300,
P0304 CYLINDER 4, 5 AND 6

Symptoms: While driving in about 60 mph feels like transmission does not switch correctly it idle a little then shift like a punch. Never happens before.

If idling on tachometer show less then 1000 rpm and not stable car shaking, rpm move up and down.
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don't replace anything because they just want to sell can be circuit related or hyd related. is your oil full and fresh? if so see a qualified repair shop for futher diag.
code 21 does not mean to replace anything. it is a problem with the vvt solenoid and comes from sludge in the oil system. the motor needs to be flushed out to clear all the debris.

missfires are most likely plugs and coils.

get all this confirmed by a real shop, not a parts store, with real techs who will tell you the failure.

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