Q: Check engine light-secondary air intake on 2007 Chevrolet Impala

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I have a check engine light on. The code indicates secondary air device. This prevents the remote starter from working. The light came on after an oil change, and I was told that it may be on because the car was started before closing an air box. When the code is cleared, the light comes on within a day. The shop will not assume responsibility for the problem, and suggests replacing the part. I believe that there is nothing wrong with the part, and that the actions of the mechanic disrupted something in the computer that keeps the light coming back and the remote starter disabled. Ideas?
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The secondary air system code, most likely P0410 should have nothing to do with the remote starter. I do emissions work and the code should not effect your starter. Is it a factory remote system? maybe there is just a blown fuse for the remote system , or they knocked off a wire. the fact that the SAS ( Secondary Air System ) code was triggered when they worked on your car means that they may have accidentally knocked a hose off. here is a link to what the system does:
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