Q: Check engine light on. Engine temp ran high but did not overheat. on 2000 Lincoln LS

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Car temp ran high and the warning came on for check engine temp and reduced engine power. Shut off car no steam coming out or under. Waited 15min and started car up and it ran fine. The check engine light comes on every other fill up. Any suggestions as to cause
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Would it be recommended to have the thermostat replaced? I have looked at various websites on the Lincoln LS and some people say it is a blown head gasket.
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is it still running hot. i would not guess at a blown head gasket i would have it ck'd by your mech. it sounds like they are just throwing darts. get a prof opinion b4 you listen to the web sites
Thanks. It is at the mechanic but of course I try to be somewhat informative. THanks again for your input
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