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Q: Check engine light on and Overdrive switch blinking on 1997 Ford F-150

Ok, my truck was rear ended whil parked in front of my house, part of the damage was to the rear end, she hit my left tire which bent the leaf springs and tweeked the rear end. I also noticed that the check engine light is on and the overdrive switch on the shifter is blinking. Her insurance company says this wasn't caused by the accident, I say bullshit, I've never had any problems with this truck.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? I need ammunition for the upcoming battle with her insurance company.
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the only thought i have is if the drivshaft shifted with the rear end, it may have damaged the output shaft and broke the speed sensor in the rear of the trans. a body shop can confirm this. otherwise, the burden of proof is on you to prove there was no light or issues prior to this problem.
cursing at them is not a good idea. keep a level head and make them prove to you that it did not cause the issue.
a lawyer will lengthen this process for a long time and you will not have a car. if you are ok with this, then go for it. otherwise, keep and level head and try to resolve it yourself.

yeah, I'm pretty much calm now, Did quite a lot of reaserch and have all my papers in order. Thanks for the advice
if the rear axel moved at all it could have damaged something in the trans. the insurance company knows that the axel and the trans are connected by the driveshaft. they just dont want to pay. find you a lawyer. he will get your money for you.
Thank, I figured I was going to have to get a lawyer, sad really because this truck has over 176000 miles and I've never had 1 problem with it until now.
find out what codes are coming up in the computer. If they are related to the trans in any way then they are liable to fix it. think of it like this, someone hits you while driving, your rear end is totaled but the front end is ok. the air bags go off. they have to replace the bags even though they aren't related to the rear end in any way.
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