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Q: Check engine light NEVER went out after replacing all 02 sensors last inspection on 2000 Toyota Camry

Plus, I know that my gas mileage is WORSE since new sensors and now has a terrible noise when accelerating, which it never did before they messed with these sensors. I know they overcharge me now and I look up prices myself before allowing the work. This is a local repair shop, walkable to my home and convenient for me. Newest is car died and they say fuel pump needs replacing at an est of $650 and my friend said Advance Auto has the part for $198. HELP? Am I being taken? Again?
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adv auto parts is a sub par part but it will get iy runnuing. i rec factory parts also they are better quailty
Good advice. However, I dont think my mechanic gets my parts from the factory. He has some supplier that delivers to him and he ALWAYS marks it up big time. I just started noticing the ridiculously marked-up parts when he replaced the O2 sensors. And I told him about it and he acted like this was the first time that his supplier had overcharged him, blah blah. He let me slide about $250 that time. Only because I had specific proof of the prices from other places.
Do your car and yourself a HUGE favor.....IF it hasn't seen a dealer in a while....This might be a good time for that. And as previously stated , unless you want to keep doing the same repair over and over again,get factory parts. If the O2 sensors were from advance....odds are they were incompatible/faulty out of the box.(yes that is my OPINION) The dealer (assuming competency of the tech.)will be able to double-check them and hopefully find the root cause of your check engine light.GIVE THEM ANY AND ALL INFO ABOUT WHAT HAS BEEN DONE elsewhere!! Service history will help save time and $$$. The correct diagnosis and repair will also cost less in the long run. MY comment about the dealer stands!!! saw the other posts....ten hours to diagnose deisel fuel in the tank???????????????????????????WHOA NELLIE!!!!.change shop.
You can buy a fuel pump, so that the repair shop to help you install. if you feel it's high price
Hey.thanks for the advice, its a great idea. But, I seem to remember asking my repair shop this question before with something small and they said no. That it had to be their product/part from their supplier in order for it to be covered by their insurance carrier/liability stuff. However, I will try again and see. Thanks again.
The repair shop is correct. Most reputable repair shops will not install a customer supplied part. It would be like bringing you own burger to McDonalds and asking them to cook it for you ...
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