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Q: Check engine light MIL on 2009 Chrysler Sebring

Okay, let me start by saying that in December while getting my oil changed, I had them do the fuel injector cleaning where they hooked up the car and cleaned it. Not with just adding something.

So, Wednesday morning I filled up with gas. Today (Friday) mid day I noticed when accelerating there was a bit of hesitation; as the day went on I noticed it more as I stopped at a traffic light and took off. It felt as if the car wanted to stall. The check engine light then came on. I went to Discount Auto Parts and they hooked up the little computer that SHOULD indicate something since the light was on. Nothing registered. He suggested getting some gas addative, so I did. I ran the car on the highway for about a 20 mile roundtrip. The light is still on.

Does anyone have any suggestions to offer me.


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Unfortunately, you really need to have a diagnosis done - what you have experienced thus far is further proof that auto parts stores really have no business attempting to "pull codes" from the engine's processor. A check engine light that is illuminated is clear evidence of a code. That they could not tell you what it is and sold you an entirely unnecessary additive is extremely frustrating -- not to mention a questionable business practice.

The problem you are having may or may not be related to the fuel injector cleaning you had done. I would start off with the assumption that they are not related. How many miles do you have? It is very possible that a warranty of some kind is still in effect for you -- either base or emissions. Perhaps contacting a dealership in light of this is the best next step.
I did a little research about Chrysler and emissions warranty, and since you are registered in Florida, you are limited to the base warranty of 36 months/ 36,000 miles - whichever comes first, unfortunately. I'm sorry to say you will very likely have to pay for the diagnosis and repairs.
Dave - (I'm assuming)

A "maybe" silly question. After adding the additive, and driving the car at quite a few red lights yesterday, the car doesn't appear to be hesitating. Coincident or a case of bad gas. My question is, the check engine light is still on - do you know how to reset the indicator light?. A neighbor of mine said general on Chrysler it has to be reset because it's in the memory now of the computer. Any imput? Thank you!
The check enigne light is still offering a clue as to what happened (past tense) or what is still a problem (presently).

"Bad gas" can never and will never set your check engine light on. So, I'm concerned about a continual problem.

The additive may be "masking" a continuing problem for the time being, or for whatever reason, conditions are better from your problem at this moment to keep it from reoccuring.

The best way to reset a check engine light is by having a diagnostic tool "clear" the codes. However, you will be erasing valuable information...and the light may return shortly anyway.

Even though your vehicle seems to run OK, you could still have damaging issues still occuring.

Good luck,
Thank you for all your help. I think you are right, and will be at the Chrysler dealership first thing in the morning. Fortunately, when I bought my car through Car Max I purchased the extended warranty as well. So where my manufacturer warranty expired at 36k miles; the exteneded warranty continues to 125k miles.

Obviously knowing nothing about a car, the extended warranty was a bit costly but if something happens I'm protected, EVERYTHING is covered down to the window motors, for a $100 deductible; whether they find one thing wrong or a string of things. It's $100 per visit.

Thanks again!
Very good! I am happy to hear about your potential coverage. You may want to consult your contract - some extended warranty contracts exclude certain electrical engine components. Just good to be educated when you go to the shop. Good luck!
After my last reply, I got my paperwork together. This particular warranty, is bumber to bumper. When I say that, nothing that is regular maintenance, but everything else -electrical and engine - is covered! Yippeee. I didn't pay $3200 for a warranty for nothing. I really bought it for the fear of the transmission going bad at some point.

Well Dave, good news. Nope, very good news. I took my car in, come to find out it was only a clogged fuel filter. The car is running like a champ! I've learned my lesson and will not be running my tank on EE's ever again!

Thank you for replying to my question.

Ummmm, thank you - but I really hope that I don't have to do so. Seriously, I understand what you meant. Hahahaha. Thanks.
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