Q: check engine light is on and the code called up is engine too lean and oxygen sensor on 2001 Dodge Ram 3500

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The check engine light is on and the code check called up engine too lean and o2 sensor. o2 sensor replaced and light reset, came back on and code states engine too lean.
How to check vacuum hoses/lines?
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You have to use your eyes and fingers to inspect vacuum lines. Look for cracks or loose fittings. I'd check the intake system for gasket leaks, especially around the joint of the intake and the cylinder heads. also check around the throttle body.
FYI, a O2 sensor code for the sensor being out of range, for instance, means that the signal is out of range. That is often caused by other problems, not that the sensor is failing.
If you want to find a Chrysler specialist, heres a link for you:
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